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What is BEVERLee

Nikolay Lee
«BEVERLee» President

Japan… What an incredible and mysterious country. The name speaks for itself – «The Land of the Rising Sun». I have always wanted to go there and I am not the only one. However, a journey to Japan can be very expensive and time consuming. How can I impress a marvelous quality of Japanese production upon every single person? How can I bring health and financial stability to every single family?

It has become my biggest dream, my burning desire… The search has started… The search for something special…

That is how BEVERLee Company and, its partner, Shiseido Pharmaceuticals appeared in my life.

BEVERLee Company was founded on the December 25, 2016.

Nowadays BEVERLee is –

  • International partnership project functioning via the Client Loyalty Program
  • Online store offering natural and salutary programs, that were developed in the one of the best laboratories in the Japan – Shiseido Seiyaku Corporation and were produced on the one of the eldest factories – Shiseido Pharmaceuticals.
  • Client Loyalty Program this is unique business school based on the innovational system of the educational technologies
  • Team of professionals, solid by the equal goals

Management and Leaders


Nikolay Lee

«BEVERLee» President

Nigora Lee

Vice-President of Network Development

Aoki Masakazu

Vice-President of Product Development

Florida Ligay

Brilliant Team Leaders Representative

Rayhan Mukasheva

Brilliant Team Leaders Representative

Omonova Erkinoy

Brilliant Team Leaders Representative

Rufat Khudaibergenov

Representative of the emerald leadership team

Makueva Madina

Emerald Leader

Aigul Urdekova

Representative of the Emerald Leadership Team

Abdulaeva Madina

Representative of the Emerald Leadership Team