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BEVERLee - Японский потребительский маркетинговый бизнес

Quality and traditions for your beauty and health
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Double Luxury

Multifunctional cosmetic product

For Beauty Nutricosmitics

Beauty and health capsules

Coenzyme QH + lactobacteria

Regenerating anti-aging complex

Super Omega

Capsules of health and longevity

Active Coral Calcium

Natural calcium saturation of the organism

Top Force

Replenishing the nutrients and vitamins

Cleaning Master

All-purpose oxygen stain remover

What is BEVERLee

What is BEVERLee

Nikolay Lee
«BEVERLee» President

Japan… What an incredible and mysterious country. The name speaks for itself – «The Land of the Rising Sun». I have always wanted to go there and I am not the only one. However, a journey to Japan can be very expensive and time consuming. How can I impress a marvelous quality of Japanese production upon every single person? How can I bring health and financial stability to every single family?

It has become my biggest dream, my burning desire… The search has started… The search for something special…

That is how BEVERLee Company and, its partner, Shiseido Pharmaceuticals appeared in my life.

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loyalty program

You are right if you think that you understand Network Business. Its advantages and drawbacks. But here is 日本の消費者ネットワークビジネス。It is “Client Loyalty Program”, that you don’t acquaint with. But if you know – it is easy to fall in love with it! Listen to our consultants and you will never be the same.

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